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FSBK—Food photographer, Silva Sandiarini, talks about food photography in a virtual photo class event in collaboration with Communication Studies at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), Doss Jogja, and Lensa UAD on Wednesday June 30th, 2021.

In the event entitled “Enhance Food Photography”, Silva Sandiarini explained the way to becoming a food photographer.

“We must to have the gear based on our need. From taking photos using cellphones to using great cameras,” she said.

Beside our material needs, Silva Sandiarini also explained the importance of technique and the process of making the photographed food. According to her, a food photographer must learn and understand the value and taste of food.

“We have to improve our skills in photo techniques. Being a food photographer, we also need to understand the value and taste of food. For example, Padang foods are famous for its striking turmeric. That means we have to striking the color. Or for oriental food, it means we have to have an oriental concept, it can’t be anything that doesn’t connect the food,” she said.

Silva Sandarini also explained the food photography techniques that she did.

“The photo’s pad. So, the photo’s pad is our studio. Anywhere. Also, use a tripod. Because by using a tripod, it makes easier for us to move the tool so that we get great pictures,” she said.

The event held virtually via Zoom, was attended by 146 participants.


Indonesian Version: https://fsbk.uad.ac.id/virtual-photo-class-silva-sandiarini-bicara-soal-food-photography/





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