Communication Study Program Team Won 3rd Place on Poster Design Competition in UT National DIPORSENI 2021

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FSBK—The Communication study program team consisting of Serly Putri Cahyaningtiyas, Daffa Amru Rahmanta, and Rizqi Daffa Rizqi, won the 3rd place on the poster competition in the 2021 UT National DIPORSENI which was held in July until August in a virtual room.

UT’s National DIPORSENI is an event for Scientific Discussions, Sports, and Art. Reported from, the 2021 UT National DIPORSENI has the theme “Improving Student Success through Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Creativity”.
Daffa Amru Rahmanta explained, his team had to outsmart the illustration of a horizontal map of Indonesia on A3 size media in a portrait form.

“A3 portrait rule. Because we are illustrating a map of Indonesia whose size extends horizontally, so when the layout we have to “trick” so that the illustration can still be seen and suitable” he said.

The poster competition is one of the competition subdivision in UT’s National DIPORSENI this year, with the theme “Building Synergy in Diversity”.

Daffa Amru Rahmanta said, with a theme like that, the ideas obtained were the result of brainstorming with the team and their supervisors

“The illustration idea was obtained from brainstorming with the team & supervisor, trying not to be unusual and highlighting on the side of the illustration. Illustrate Indonesian islands with their culture, landmarks, characteristics, etc. as details. Indonesia’s diversity is shown in illustrations, etc.”

Regarding the colors used, Daffa Amru Rahmanta explained that the colors were inspired by current design trends. It can be seen on the Dribbble and Bihance sites, he said.

Closing the interview, Daffa Amru Rahmanta revealed the joys and difficulties during the competition and designing.

“The good thing is to get valuable experience and be able to add to the portfolio. The difficult thing is having to work overtime on artwork, but I’m happy,” he said.


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